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Legionaries of Christi Mass Request Program logo

Mass is the foundation of worship in the life of a Roman Catholic. At Mass, eternity and time intersect. It is part of God’s plan of salvation that we would be able to meet Him directly and receive His grace through this sacrament.

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Legionaries of Christ Mass Request

Mass Offerings

The Legionaries of Christ would be honored to remember your intentions at their daily celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Legionaries of Christ Mass Request

Let Us Pray for You

A special gift of prayer; you or your loved ones will be remembered in a Mass offered every Friday at our seminary in Cheshire, and in our seminarians’ daily Adoration.

Legionaries of Christ Mass Request

Stay Connected

Be the first to know about our upcoming Novenas and Masses, receive invitations to our live-streaming events from our LC seminary, and more!


To love Christ with passion

Christ-centeredness constitutes the fundamental and specific characteristic of the Legionary spirit. Therefore, aided by God’s grace, Legionaries strive to make Christ Jesus the center, standard, and example of their lives as religious, priests and apostles. They seek to know, love, and experience him intimately, above all in the Gospel, the Eucharist, and the Cross, and strive to imitate him in a special way through self-giving to their neighbor.  (Constitution 9)

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