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Mass of the Month Program

The Legionaries of Christ Mass program presents our Mass of the Month program

Beginning in February 2024 we will feature one of our Mass offerings and the benefits of having Masses said. Our first feature is our Gregorian Masses. What sets the Legionaries of Christ apart from other religious orders who offer Gregorian Masses? The answer is that we have over 1,400 priests available to say your Masses worldwide.


What are Gregorian Masses and Why Have Them Offered?

The Mass is Healing!

Often we hear stories of physical healings of the body and we are in awe of what God can do. Jesus not only wants to heal our physical bodies but more importantly He wants to heal the souls of those who are suffering on earth and more so the suffering souls in purgatory. The reality is that almost all of us will have to pass through Purgatory to “Purge” ourselves from the stains of sin. According to the teachings of the Catholic Church, Purgatoruy is the place or condition of temporal punishment for those who, departing from this life in the grace of God, are not entirely free from venial faults or have not fully expiate for them before death.

The Holy Mass is the most effective means to help our deceased loved ones. So what are Gregorian Masses? The name is derived from Pope St. Gregory the Great who was the first to popularize this pious practice. St. Gregory relates in his Dialogues how, when he had finished the series of 30 Masses for a departed Monk, who he knew has some unresolved sins appeared to him and told him he had thus gained entry into God’s glory upon completion of the Gregorian Masses.

This hallowed tradition has been declared “a pious and reasonable belief of the faithful” on the authority of the Sacred Roman Congregation on indulgences. The Gregorian Masses are offered for one deceased soul, not a couple or family,  you have the wonderful option of including this in your will. 

If you are interested in doing a Gregorian Mass for a departed loved one click here.

If you would like to pre-pay a Gregorian Mass series for yourself or you’re loved ones click here and fill out the form and return it to address listed.




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